Music from All Decades

Bradley Paul is an extremely versatile singer who can sing Music Through the Decades from 1950's rock n roll, 1960s melodies, 1970s glam rock, 1980s best music, 1990s romance and 2000 modern. He can also sing Opera and Theatrical styles beautifully with an extremely powerful, yet smooth voice having been trained by the Italian Singing Tutor that had originally taught Pavarotti. Bradley Paul sings from his diaphragm and can hit the high notes where other people fail. He is a True Showban, a Born Entertainer and he has over the last 30 years. composed a beautiful set of shows including Tributes and also Rock n Roll, Elvis, and  with his best friend and the greatest guitar player Mr Keiron Sapkota.

Talented, never afraid of giving it 150% Bradley Paul and his band can entertain you. Whether for a wedding, private party, or a full theatrical production....Bradley can do it all. How many Professional singers do you know that can sing Pavarotti, ACDC, Sweet, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond, Joe Longthorne, Barry Manilow and then finish as Shirley Bassey? He is a Genuis. Paul has ADHD and has more than enough energy for everyone. He has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft and entertaining you. We can also provide lighting options, full spectacular new costumes and dancers/ background singers too.

Contact: Caledonian Music Agency: 01501 820999.

Please note: They have a variety of shows and budgets to suit any club, pub, hotel, function, party, wedding or full show.